SAV Sindhi Movie 2010

SAV Sindhi Movie event

In the comment section below, RSVP if you and your family wish to attend this event.

Mention the total number of seats you wish to book in your name.

The Sindhi movie ‘Awakening’ is in English language, however, the songs will be in Sindhi.

Bring along all members and non-members for a fun-filled Sindhi evening.

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18 comments on this post.
  1. Sunil Pamnani:

    please book 2 members from Pamnani family.

  2. Gopal Ganwani:

    Book 3 seats for Ganwanis!

  3. NTKal:

    book 5 seats for Teckchandanis please

  4. nirmal.jaswani:

    Please book 3 seats for Jaswani Family.

  5. Murli Thadani:

    A great initiative. Pls book 2 tickets for padma & murli. Thanks.

  6. datwani:

    Please book 2 tickets for Kumar. Thanks.

  7. gitanimo:

    Please book 2 tickets for Gita and Nimo. Thanks

  8. Sunil Pamnani:

    Anil Advaney has requested 3 adult and 1 kid tickets.

  9. reetp:

    Please book 2 tickets for Phulwani family ,Thanks

  10. Sunil Pamnani:

    two tickets for pyaare and wife, on request from Anil Advaney.

  11. scbijli99:

    2 tickets for me and savi and 2 for kids

  12. Dina Shivdasani:

    Please book 3 tickets for Sunder, Dina and a friend Arun. Arun is interested in meeting people in the Sindhi association.

  13. renukhush:

    2 tickets for us

  14. Sunil Pamnani:

    2 tickets for ravi moolchandani

  15. Sunil Pamnani:

    4 tickets for pradeep vazirani

  16. Sunil Pamnani:

    2 tickets for jyoti and hari

  17. panjwani:

    4 Audults and 2 Kids tickets for Mukesh Panjwani

  18. Rajan Chawla:

    SAV Sports meet,

    Please book 6 adults and 2 children (Below 5) under the name Rajan Chawla.

    Thanks & Regards

    Rajan Chawla

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