New SAV Website

Dear Members- Sindhi Association of Victoria now has a new website domain address –

Its a brand new website, based on a social theme, with lots of fantastic features and solid security.

Key features: –

New design: The website is very interactive and social in nature. Its simple but informative. You can now share (or select like) the website posts on your Facebook page or other social networking pages. –

Security: This is a main feature. People must register with the site, to view secured pages such as photos, events and forms. Non-registered users can only view common pages such welcome, committee details and contact page.

-Registration: Every SAV member wanting access to secured pages must register with the site. The site will capture their name, email address, mailing address and whether they have paid membership fee or not. The information won’t be available publicly. Its only for SAV admin purposes.

– New posts: All registered users will be automatically notified when a new post (event, photos, news) is posted on the website. No more emails!

– Comments: Registered members can now leave their comments, RSVP and feedback on the website itself, below each page or post. You don’t have to email to me or committee about it. Again, the comments will be viewable to registered members only.

Once you register, don’t forget to change your password right away. We are very excited to know your views, feedback on the website. Do let us know using the ‘contact’ page. Remember, no more emails!

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