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Dear Members,

The Sindhi Association of Victoria proudly announces the opening of first SINDHI LANGUAGE CLASSES in Melbourne.

If we really want to have our own Sindh one day (doesn’t matter where it is onthis earth),
If we are really proud of the fact that the civilisation started from Sindh (Indus valley),
If we really care about our Laal Sai Jhule Laal,
If we really care about our life saving river Sindhu,
If we are really crazy about our “Saiee Bhaji”, “Beeh Patata”, and “Daal-Pakwaans”
“WE” have to keep the flame of being Sindhi alive in our heart.

To keep the Sindhi in us alive we have to keep our “mithree” language Sindhi alive.
When a language dies the whole culture dies.
If this language is finished then sadly all our dreams of having our Sindh would be diminished for ever.

Alone we can start, but success can only be achieved when we are all together.  We are taking our first baby step towards starting a Sindhi education system in Melbourne or dare I say Australia.  We are starting with our first semester of Sindhi classes, where we will be teaching how to speak basic Sindhi.
We would like to request all of you to come and show your support on the day, register your self and your children in this class.  We shall take blessing from “Maa Sarswati” before starting the class, be part of the Puja, followed by prashaad.


Date/Time: Sunday 10th July 2011 at 10.30 am

Venue: Laal Sai Temple, 32, Halley Avenue, Camberwell, Vic 3214

Looking forward to see you all!

Gopal Ganwani
Sindhi Association of Victoria

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  1. mjagasia Jul 29, 2011 10:00 AM

    Next Sindhi Class on 14th Aug at 10.30 am, if you haven’t enrolled yet, please do so.

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