SAV Teejari Katha & Chand Puja 2011

Fairer sex members of our community have decided to revive the old Sindhi tradition of celebrating Teejari, hopefully in typical Sindhi style, with Teejari Katha and Chand Puja as our elders used to perform. Of course women will be fasting on that day (please do not take it literally, this is a voluntary act) and hopefully some of the husbands may accompany them.

Date: Tueday 16th August, 7.00 pm.
Venue: Lal Sai Temple, 32, Halley Avenue, Camberwell, Vic 3214

It is a working day and hard to manage with children, but there are some traditions if not followed on the day then they lose the importance of it, and at the same time some vaules can be passed on to the next generation.

Please bring in one vegetarian dish with you.

We will disperse after the dinner. Those fasting can wait till the moon sighting or take food along to eat later.

Choice of Food
Sai Bhaji,
Sindhi Kadhi,
Bhee Patata,

Please RSVP to Punita Ganwani on 0403028970 or Sonia Chellaram on 94674664/0413723404 by 10th of August so we can organise the food accordingly.

Hope to see you all there. Our in-house artist Ashwini Khiani has volunteered to do the Henna tattoos on the day, so take the advantage and be there.

Also remember the two important dates, more deails will be availale soon.
1. Bingo/Thadarie Lunch: 28 Aug 2011 12.00 noon
2. Diwali: 29th Oct 2011, 6.30 pm


Team SAV


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