SAV 2010 Thadrie-Bingo Event 2

SAV 2010 Thadrie-Bingo Event
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SAV Sports Meet 5

Dear SAV members Here is a full list of all the sports events by age categories. Please register your interest accordingly and RSVP for food by 22nd. The sooner you would respond would be good for us to organise it properly. We don’t like wasting food and at the same time we do not want ...

SAV Sindhi Movie 2010 18

SAV Sindhi Movie 2010
SAV Sindhi Movie event In the comment section below, RSVP if you and your family wish to attend this event. Mention the total number of seats you wish to book in your name. The Sindhi movie ‘Awakening’ is in English language, however, the songs will be in Sindhi. Bring along all members and non-members for ...
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