Beyond India Painting Competition on 18/09/2011

Beyond India Painting Competition on 18/09/2011

SAV presents a Sindhi Movie… 1

SAV presents a Sindhi Movie...
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OAKTREE FOUNDATION Live Below the Line 2011 1

ON BEHALF OF MR. SHYAM HARYANI: Hi everybody, If you haven’t already heard, my daughter Neelam has decided to take the Live Below the Line challenge this week. She’s pledged to live on just $2 a day for 5 days, from May 16th to 20th. At first it seems an impossibly small amount, but then ...

SAV Good Friday Appeal 2011 Photos 2

In 2011, the SAV participated in the Good Friday Appeal and helped raise A$15,156,000! We rallied behind this cause and had a blast collecting donations at various intersections around Melbourne. Share

SAV Cheti Chand Performance Video

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