Revised Membership Fees

Dear All Members, At the start of the year in the AGM, SAV Committee was requested to look into the higher membership fee and following from this we have received couple of requests throughout the year to look at reducing the cost of membership. With this, it is my great pleasure to announce our new ...

SAV Teejari Katha & Chand Puja 2011

SAV Teejari Katha & Chand Puja 2011
Fairer sex members of our community have decided to revive the old Sindhi tradition of celebrating Teejari, hopefully in typical Sindhi style, with Teejari Katha and Chand Puja as our elders used to perform. Of course women will be fasting on that day (please do not take it literally, this is a voluntary act) and ...

SAV Sindhi Movie 2011 Video


SAV presents a Sindhi Movie… 1

SAV presents a Sindhi Movie...
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SAV Good Friday Appeal 2011 Photos 2

In 2011, the SAV participated in the Good Friday Appeal and helped raise A$15,156,000! We rallied behind this cause and had a blast collecting donations at various intersections around Melbourne. Share
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